I feel bad for people who don’t like football. This has been one of the most amazing World Cups to date and it just keeps getting better and better. Even if you aren’t interested = have some fun with it. Even if you feel like you’re bandwagoning. It’s been so much fun this time around…I’ll even take the anxiety attacks that come with it.

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im tired of things costing money

Assuma sua responsabilidade e suas prioridades dentro de um coração amoroso, uma mente silenciosa, e tenha o universo conspirando a seu favor para sempre! #om

# om

Tô in love *-* #tattoo

Assim que me sinto. #honeybooboo #projetoengordadeformatura #nutriebanha

Fui no salão, fiz barba, cabelo e bigode! #cat #hair #sqn